Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Blog

I am switching blogs because I changed my main email account to a different one and don't want to keep signing in and out to post stuff here. The new blog address is

Friday, December 6, 2013

Week Before Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving week/ Jane Austen Ball

So I have been really busy lately and haven't posted a lot (much to mother's annoyance) so here is an update.

The week before Thanksgiving I actually had a social life. On Tuesday and Thursday I had a movie night with Amber, Emily and their friends. We watched The Phantom of the Opera on Tuesday and then watched the sequel that Amber has the was a professionally recorded play in Australia. I was really excited about seeing the sequel, and it was really good.

On Friday Amber, Dianne, and I went over to my friend Anna's apartment and played some group games with her and her roommates. It was super fun and I learned a new group game that  I am going to have to play a lot more. It is called Number Ninja. It sounds way complicated when I try to explain it so I am not going to, just know that it is really fun.

On Saturday Dianne invited me to go to a dance performance that her friend was in. It was a bunch of her friends that went with us. The picture below is of me, Dianne, and Sam. It was put on by the dance majors, and there were some amazing dances. There was this one waltz that was practically all lifts and it blew my mind to pieces.

Then came Thanksgiving week. I only had classes on Monday, so I decided to leave on Tuesday. I posted on the ride board that I need four people. Literally three hours before I was going to leave two people dropped out. So I only had two people come with me, Corby and Ashley. Ashley sat in the back and listened to music totally ignoring us. Corby sat in the front and drifted between sleep, awkward silence, and then awkward conversation (I liked it when he was asleep the most). We made great time, I left around 3 and then got to Brian and Krissy's house around 7:30. 

I had a lot of fun hanging out with all of the family. On Thanksgiving day I went over to the condo and spent the day with Grandma, Grandpa, Rob, Jodi, and Trey (and ellie... elly... idk how to spell her name). I was expecting to go out to eat, but Jodi and Grandma made a homemade meal. It was really good. Then I just sat around playing games with Grandma, Grandpa, and Trey... and I also got Rob to play pinnacle with us.

On the day after Thanksgiving Grandma made another meal for the Terrys, Thurstons, Jodie, and me. It was really good too. Before and after dinner I entertained the kiddies. I got a little break when Krissy broke out the gingerbread stuff that the Terrys left her... though it wasn't a break for my hand... darn the frosting.

I also got to play some hand and foot with grandma, grandpa, and Krissy. It was a blast.

Clay was excited to show me some of the new games that he got. One of my favorites was the game called escape. It is a team game and super fun. Beckham didn't like that actually game, but he played the game that Kres made up in the house.

We had to crawl through Kres's tape trap... in the dark...

Finally Krissy, Ky, Grandma, Jodie, Trey, and I went to go see..... CATCHING FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! It was super good and I am in love with the new behind the scenes people (they fired all of the people from the first film because it didn't do as good as they hoped, and it was much better). I cannot wait till I get to see the last two.

And of course one of my favorite parts is just socializing with Ky, Krissy, and Grandma.

On the way home I only had to take Corby back because Ashley had been dropped off by her parents (her famliy went to Island Park or something by Yellowstone.... which is on the other side of BYU-I... so she drove to Boise, and then drove back past BYU-I...) and so I only had to take back some of her stuff. The ride back was basically the same as the ride up, only Corby sat in the back and there was less awkward conversation.

And finally that brings me to tonight. Tonight was the Jane Austen Ball. Me and Amber decided to go way back in November. Krissy was a nice aunt and took me to Good Will and Wal-mart while I was with her. I found a good suit jacket and pants at Good Will and a scarf/necktie at Wal-mart. She then took me to my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, which was amazing as usual. I then had her set up the sewing machine so that I could shorten the jacket so it looked like it was from the Jane Austen time period.

These are the before and after pics. I was pretty proud of my first time sewing job. It turned out great in my opinion.

So as I was saying tonight was the ball and I got all fancy and picked up Amber. We had a blast, there were tables with cards on them so we played cards when we were too tired to dance. My favorite dance is the waltz, and most of the songs were in 3/4 so it was a perfect place to just waltz (we had learned some of the dances from the time period, but we wanted to waltz instead). Towards the end they had some judges go around and pick the top three male costumes, female costumes, couple costumes, and their favorite costumes. Guess what... I won best male costume... I was really surprised. There were these three amazing guy costumes that I thought were for sure going to win, but they won the top three couple costumes. I got an amazing feather quill, that you actually have to dip in an ink jar.... its freakin amazing, and the feather is red which is an added bonus. Below are some pics... I'm to lazy to put them where they belong in this paragraph so deal.

So ya tonight was super fun.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Beginning of November.... ish

So Tuesday night me Nic, Brigham, and Mack were watching Naruto in the living room when we hear a bunch of commotion outside. We quickly looked outside and saw that it was snowing! It was officially the first snowfall of the season!
 Nic hadn't seen snow so he quickly went out to go touch it. He was surprised at how soft it was.
 The next morning I went to my first class and it was snowing, but by the time my third class was over it had stopped snowing and was starting to melt.

So remember that basketball game I had on Halloween, well the next day I had a cough. I thought it was just asthma so I took my inhaler and waited it out. It didn't go away by Sunday so I took another puff. Well on Tuesday I realized that it was sickness because I had a fever. It wasn't bad, and luckily I didn't have any classes to go to, but I didn't go to volleyball practice because of the cough. However on Wednesday I was really feeling it. I decided to push through it and went to my morning classes.  Luckily my second class was cancelled so I got a rest, but after my third class I was exhausted and really feeling it. I decided to see if I could make it to my next class that started 3 hours later, but I ended up not going to that class or my Business Law class afterwards. I had my study buddy come and pick up something that we need to turn in everyday no matter what and then went straight to get some medicine. Luckily my roommates were going shopping so I didn't have to drive there. I came back and decided I had to go to my last class because there was a group quiz that I couldn't make up, so I stocked up on cough drops and wrapped a scarf around my mouth and toughed it out. Good thing I went to cause we got a 100 on the test. Thursday was the worst for the sickness, but I had a basketball game again after volleyball practice. I had to go to the game because we  only have five people on the team, and without five people at the game we have to forfeit. Because I had to go to basketball I decided that I should also go to volleyball, but I ended up not going cause I was really sick. The basketball game sucked and I was dying the whole time, and we lost (which didn't surprise me). I went home and did nothing the rest of the night but watch Naruto. On Friday I went to all of my classes, which was only three cause my business law class was cancelled. and luckily my third class was only 10 min long. I went home and relaxed the rest of the day. My friend Amber really likes Thor, and she wanted me to go with her and her friends, so I invited all of my roommates. Kyle had a date so he couldn't go and Josh didn't want to go. The first showing was at 7:45 so we showed up at 7. (Amber and her friend had dressed up as Loki and Thor btw) It was sold out and so was the next one. The only one open was a 11 showing so we got tickets for that one. Nic decided that he should work on his paper instead and dropped out and then Amber's friend got a migraine so she dropped out, so it was me, Amber, Mack, and Brigham going now. Amber changed because she didn't want to be the only one dressed up. When we went back they accidentally started showing Last Vegas instead of Thor, so I didn't get to see the trailers that were in front of Thor, which sucked. Amber was really hyper throughout the movie and kept hitting me and Mack (she was inbetween us). I was still sick and the theater was hot so I was feeling a little nauseous, and one of Amber's freak outs over Loki hit me in the stomach so I felt like I had to throw up the whole movie, but I liked the movie. Curfew was at 1 and we got home at 1:15 and it was weird because there was some guy taking down names (I know that wasn't normal because my roommate had been past curfew twice) but we didn't really care because it was only 15 minutes and it wasn't like we could have drove faster or something. Now today was stake conference so I could sit in the back and cough up a storm and then our FHE sisters are having a dinner thing at their place that we are going to.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

End of October

So the day before Halloween me and my roommates decided to have a pumpkin carving party. I invited some people and so did Kyle.
 I carved a pokeball because my friend carved the triforce, which was what I was going to do.
 We had Ghost Busters playing while carving, so after we were all done we finished that. Our FHE group also came over and brought pumpkin pie, but they had to leave early.

On Halloween day I had volleyball practice from 4:30-6 and then I am doing basketball with Nic and Mack (only because they needed another person in order to have a team) and the game was at 6:15. Normally it wouldn't matter, bur for practice that day we scrimmaged a team, and our opposite was gone, so I played the whole time. So that, on top of playing basketball right after, meant that I was exhausted and didn't do anything on Halloween besides homework. But just to appease my mother I made my roommates dress up in our costumes and take a picture, we were the power rangers.
On Friday everyone besides Josh went to a Chinese restaurant, and then to Walmart to buy candy. That was a fun night and we got a lot of candy.

So in English we are writing a synthesis paper, which is just fancyness for a research paper, that has to be 2000 words that is due tomorrow. So we had many due dates since getting the assignment, so I was basically done. I just needed 171 more words, which is one paragraph. So on Monday there was no class, but you had the option to come in and get help from the teacher, I had no idea what my last paragraph should be, since my paper was done basically, so I went in. I told my teacher about my dilemma and so she read the paper to find out a place to put another paragraph. She finished and said "your paper is pretty dang perfect and I wouldn't put another paragraph in because it is just like opening another can of worms. I am not going to count every word so if you just make your conclusion better (I am horrible at conclusions) then you should be good." She then told me some tips on writing my conclusion and that was it. I was super happy because she said my paper was perfect and that I was amazing at blending my quotes and that stuff. She also laughed while reading (I always try to add a little humor) and liked my examples. So needless to say I was super excited as I walked home.

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Great Accomplishment

Last week I was taking my business law test and happened to come across a question that sounded strangely familiar.

"Tanner, a well-known rapper, agrees to sell the copyright for his latest hit, “Goods, baby, goods” to Mitch, an up-and-coming pop star.  After Mitch records the song and makes it popular, Tanner makes his own recording and begins selling it.  Mitch believes Tanner has breached their sales contract.  Mitch could sue Tanner…"

My rap was so good that Sis. Hurly added it into her test for the section!  She writes the test based on our class discussions and topics.

Just thought you should know...

and I got the question right so that is good too...